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The NH Institute for Civics Education is a partner in the Constitutionally Speaking project. Learn more here.

Advocating for Civics Education

​​A million thanks to everyone who made our April 21 event with Eric Liu a smashing success. Liu shared insights with a capacity audience on how we can all use our Citizen Power to affect positive change. Liu's enthusiastic audience for the William W. Treat Lecture included Justice David Souter, who thanked Liu for his informative and uplifting talk. Liu's moving and constructive address drew a standing ovation from the sold-out audience.

View it here.

The NH Institute for Civics Education advocates for improved teaching of civics and greater inclusion of civics education in the classroom.

The NH Institute for Civics Education offers educators the opportunity to learn best-practices in civics education from nationally-renowned experts.

Learn about our June 26 "Sowing the Seeds of Democracy" workshop for educators here.

View an interactive PDF with details about the workshop here.

Workshops for educators

collaborating with community partners

We create and partner with like-minded organizations to present the public with opportunities to learn more about government and our rights and responsibilities as citizens.

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