Civics Education Online Resources

Working From Home Curriculum Resources

Here are some resource centers to help bring curriculum to students working from home

For a diversified curriculum from K-12, Khan Academy has provided a great doc with links

For excellent stories related to history and civics that middle and high school students can really enjoy, Backstory by the History Boys has a wealth of topics they cover to generate discussions

For current event topics, Frontline by PBS has several films and podcasts, many with teacher curriculum, that deal with high school level civics

Keith Hughes does some excellent short instructional videos (over 360!) on all sorts of history and civics topics that can be used to start an online discussion (Middle and High School).

If you are thinking of having your students create fun and instructional videos from home that can personalize their learning, here is a great tutorial

Explain Everything is an online whiteboard that can help students turn in online dynamic lessons

Google Culture Tours can have teachers lead online field trips to a variety of places around the world (All Grades)


El Paso School District has created a student friendly government textbook to use free online (Grades 9-11).

National Geographic has some great resources for Women’s History Month for grades 5-12 that have teacher resources.

Scholastic Magazine has some great online resources for parents and teachers for all grade levels.

Grades K-2

From PBS Kids: You Choose, Meet the President

Time for Kids

PBS Learning Media - Civics and Government

From Library of Congress

Indiana University - Engaging Congress game

Grades 3-5

Moose on the Loose from NH Historical Society

Time for Kids

PBS Learning Media: Civics and Government

A Kid’s Guide to Running for President from the Rendell Center

Indiana University - Engaging Congress game

Library of Congress

Grades 6-8

iCivics games

Crash Course in Government

PBS Learning Media: Civics and Government

Grades 9-12

iCivics AP US Government and Politics

National Constitution Center: Video Resources


National Conference of State Legislators

Constitutional Rights Foundation

Crash Course in Government

PBS Learning Media: Civics and Government

Civics 101 Podcasts

Annenberg Classroom

Citizens Count

Pros and Cons of Current Issues: Non-Partisan

Gilder Lehrman

Other Resources:

Remote Learning Resources from the NH Learning Initiative

The Learning Network from the New York Times

Google Classroom Tutorial

Scholastic: K-6

13 Best Websites and Games for US History and Civics: CommonSense

Distance Learning Tips From One Teacher to Another