NH Civic Learning Coalition

In January 2021, NH Civics was connected with a Civics Roundtable group and reached out to other groups as well about starting a coalition for state policy in New Hampshire. All organizations were enthusiastic about the topic and the work. NH Civics was encouraged by the enthusiasm and support and its Trustees decided to raise funds to pursue this project. The Coalition's goals are as follows:

  1. To gather a group of educators and other stakeholders to examine the CivXNow state policy menu and to select one or more policies that the group agrees should be realized in order to increase and improve civic learning in NH. (2021-2022.)
  2. To communicate these policy priorities and gain feedback about them throughout the state through public conversations and a website. (2022-2023)
  3. To work with legislators and policy makers to propose legislation or policy in a nonpartisan manner. (2023-2024)

Please visit the NH Civic Learning Coalition website at https://nhciviclearning.org/

2022 Community Conversations: Building Civic Strength

In spring 2022, NH Civics hosted five community conversations throughout NH in partnership with New Hampshire Public Radio and moderated by Laura Knoy, former host of NHPR’s acclaimed call-in news show, The Exchange. Events took place in Berlin, Franklin, Rochester, Nashua and Rindge and explored questions such as: "How do we build civic strength?" and “What can we do to best prepare ourselves and our youth to take on the responsibilities of participation in a democratic society?”

Each event featured a different panel of guest speakers from diverse backgrounds, including at least one youth panelist and panelists of varied political views at each event. We estimate that through being aired on NHPR, 32,000 people listened or participated in the series.

These conversations provided an opportunity for community members all across the state to share their thoughts on civics education which will be used as the Coalition's forms its policy recommendations.

Our programs in action!

Today, I was almost brought to tears (of joy) with NH Institute for Civics Education's Civics 603 program. It was just a wonderful day. To top it off, I just got this text message from a student who asked me to send him pictures: "Thank you so much for this opportunity. It was a lot of fun and an amazing experience." Thank you everyone!
- Dina Michael Chaitowitz
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Please contact us with any questions you may have about any of our programs or would like additional information.

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