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NH Civics is pleased to share with you a library of civics curricula created by NH teachers between 2015 and 2019 and inspired by a NH Civics teacher professional development opportunity. See below the various topics around which we have organized the curricula; you can search by topic, keyword, or grade level. These curricular resources were edited by NH Civics Trustees, graduate students and a professor from Plymouth State College, and a high school civics teacher. We hope these teacher-created resources are helpful, relevant, and that they make increased quality and quantity of civics instruction in NH possible. We aim to add to this library over time.

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Classes in Voting

  • Journey to the White House

    Students will explain the different between the general election and the electoral college.  Students will describe the election process.

  • The Right to Vote in America

    Introduce the topic of voting in this country by watching the video "A History of Voting Rights- New York Times".  Students will then summarize the key points from the video and about voting in general.

  • Your Vote is Your Voice

    The word democracy describes a government by the people, in which citizens exercise their power by voting. In our democracy, citizens have rights that include being able to express our opinions, receive a free education, and practice any religion we choose. U.S. citizens won and protected these rights through voting. Having the right to vote is part of living in a democracy. And exercising that right is a way for citizens to take responsibility for - and take part in - their government.

I am ready to go back and teach my students about voting and the court system! Everything was GREAT!
- Teacher, 2016
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