Branches of Government

Teacher: Jan Gilman, Sandown North - Hampstead School District

Editor: Rachel Stanton, M.Ed.

General Description

Students will be able to identify the three branches of government as evidenced by their performance on the Three Branches of Government exit ticket.

Diagnostic Assessment: Three Branches of Government Admit Ticket Formative

As we are filling out the Three Branches of Government Chart, see what students recall from the field trip at the governmental buildings

Summative Assessment:
As a class, students will be able to complete a chart with the branches, people, building, laws, etc.

Students will be able to match the branch correctly with description


  • Three Branches Chart
  • Markers
  • Three Branches Admit Slip
  • Infographic if needed
  • Three Branches Exit Ticket

Strategic: Provide info-graphic if students need a visual and textual reminder about the Three Branches of Government.  Students will receive a word bank if necessary to fill out the exit ticket.

High level learners: Students can attempt to name the buildings and what branch of government corresponds on the admittance ticket. If they finish early, they can write on the back of their sheet as much as they can about the three branches of government. If they finish the exit ticket early, provide a list from “word work” and see if they can come up with definitions or examples on their own.

Materials and Documents

I am very excited to use 'We the Civics Kids" curriculum and use many ideas from the Rendell Center. My other favorite presentation was Rebecca Valbuena - so many of her ideas are related to what I can implement in my classroom.
- Teacher
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