Citizens’ Rights and Responsibilities

Recommended Grade Level: 7

Teacher: Claudia Bruce

General Description

The objective of this lesson plan is to help students understand that in addition to rights, American citizens have duties and responsibilities to perform that are necessary to maintain the quality of our government. This lesson has been designed for 7th grade and focuses on the responsibilities of citizenship.

This lesson plan focuses on the responsibilities of citizenship or the voluntary activities that we all undertake to insure the quality of government.

Materials and Documents

Today, I was almost brought to tears (of joy) with NH Institute for Civics Education's Civics 603 program. It was just a wonderful day. To top it off, I just got this text message from a student who asked me to send him pictures: "Thank you so much for this opportunity. It was a lot of fun and an amazing experience." Thank you everyone!
- Dina Michael Chaitowitz
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