Teacher: Kate Sintros

General Description


This Civics course is designed to provide students with a fundamental and practical understanding of local, state and national government.  Several questions will be asked throughout the semester:

  1. Why do we need government and how does the government affect our lives?
  2. What is the basic structure of our government?
  3. How are we protected and what are our rights as individuals?
  4. How can we be active, informed citizens and make a difference in society?


During the semester, we will be examining the following topics:

  • Nature and Purpose of Government
  • The U.S. Constitution
  • The Amendments to the Constitution
  • Government in Action:  The Three Branches of Government
  • Political Parties/Elections/Voting
  • Local Government
  • Ongoing Dynamic/Citizenship/Roles of a Citizen

Materials and Documents

Friendly and welcoming with great ideas to share and implement in our classrooms.
- Teacher, 2019
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