Civil Debate and Deliberation

Our constitutional democracy requires our citizens have the ability to speak, listen, civilly debate, deliberate, and come to a conclusion as a community by vote or consensus. NH's tradition of Town Meeting is the epitome of this democratic process. How can we teach the essential process of having a civil conversation about current and controversial topics?


  • Debate Simulation

    Students will simulate the debate process and will complete the Debate Script sheet and/ or they will participate in an actual in-class debate or will ask at least two questions to their classmates who are debating.

  • Respectful Disagreeing

    Students will reflect on, “E is for Election Day,” and Kid President video and will discuss and brainstorm ways to debate, while creating at least one original piece of debate advice to share with the class. Students will create a list of beliefs and values and will practice forming a debate on a particular value or belief, by filling out the Debate Script handout.

This workshop was fabulous. I really needed ways to incorporate social studies into what I already do (English/Language Arts;) I feel I accomplished this here. The presenters were awesome.
- Teacher
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