Law Through Branches

Recommended Grade Level: 4
Related Categories: Federal Government, Bill, Law, Veto

Teacher: Jan Gilman & Kami Douglas, Sandown North - Hampstead School District

Editor: Rachel Stanton, M.Ed.

General Description

Students will know the steps a bill takes before becoming law, the role of the legislative and executive branch members in the law making process, and the tole of the judicial branch in ruling a law constitutional or not.  Students will be able to define a bill, veto and law.

Summative Assessment Ideas:

  • Scramble up how a bill becomes a law process and have students arrange the process correctly.
  • Exit Ticket with Vocabulary or True/False.

  • Infographic, one for each student
  • "How a Bill Becomes a Law" video
  • Role Cards with explanation

Materials and Documents

Videos and Media

  • Schoolhouse Rock- How a Bill becomes a law.

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