Motivating Civic Action Among First Graders in the Common Core Era Using the “Inquiry Arc”

Recommended Grade Level: 1
Related Categories: Community

Teacher: Trish Jowders

General Description

Dimension 1 of the Inquiry Arc: Developing Questions and Planning Inquiries
With the entire scope of human experience as its backdrop, the content of social studies consists of a rich array of facts, concepts, and generalizations. The way to tie all of this content together is through the use of compelling and supporting questions.

Dimension 2 The Inquiry Arc: Applying disciplinary concepts and tools and

Dimension 2 sets forth the conceptual content that defines the disciplines, such as the historian’s habit of describing how the perspectives of people in the present shape their interpretations of the past. This practice, along with the curricular content and the distinctive habits of mind from the other social science disciplines, informs students’ investigations and con­tributes to an inquiry process for social studies.

Evaluating sources and using evidence
Having students gather, evaluate, and use a rich subset of those sourc¬es offers them opportunities to identify claims and counter-claims and to support those claims with evidence. Making and supporting evidence-based claims and counter-claims is key to student capacity to construct explanations and arguments.

Communicating conclusions and taking informed action
Active and responsible citizens identify and analyze public problems; deliberate with other people about how to define and address issues; take constructive, collaborative action; reflect on their actions; create and sustain groups; and influence institutions both large and small.

Materials and Documents

A large portion of my day is spent on video calls helping parents to teach their kids the right material. Because of all that I’m constantly looking for great online resources to share with the parents of the kids I work with and I came across your NH Civics page while looking up social studies resources. It’s been a great help and had a lot of great sites I could send the kids and their parents to for some extra material to work with. Just thought I should reach out and thank you for putting it all together!
- Thomas Johnson
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