Rules and Laws

Recommended Grade Level: 4

Teacher: Jan Gilman & Kami Douglas, Sandown North - Hampstead School District

Editor: Rachel Stanton, M.Ed.

General Description

Students will be able to indicate the difference between a “rule” and a “law” and provide one example for each as evidenced by completion of the exit ticket

Students will understand that rules exist and there are groups of people who make, enforce and apply them. The rules exist on a local and state level. (The national level will be addressed in a future lesson.)

Do (Skills):
Students will be skilled at naming and discussing with their peers the purpose for rules and laws and where rules and laws exist.


  • Teacher will observe and take note of student answers during hook
  • Students will be able to explain the difference between a “rule” and a “law” as evidenced by completion of an exit ticket.
  • Students will be generating ideas to fill in concept map - teacher will take note of student responses and help guide accuracy


  • Sticky Notes
  • Chart Paper
  • Writing utensils
  • Exit Tickets
  • Concept map/dry erase markers for board

Differentiate by Readiness Level Using different level and amount of text

Students needing assistance brainstorming for the sticky note will work with teacher/paraprofessional to help generate or write down their thoughts.

Can provide word bank for exit ticket as well and answer questions orally with teacher and use prompts.

Materials and Documents

Overall, I want to thank everyone who presented at this workshop. It’s one of the most valuable I’ve attended in my career. It featured content, materials, and ideas that could be used immediately in the classroom.
- Jonathan L’Ecuyer, Pinkerton Academy
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