Thank a Veteran

Recommended Grade Level: K, 1, 2
Related Categories: Military, Veteran, Military, Service, Community

Teacher: Ann Kalasky, Green Acres Elementary School

Editor: Rachel M. Stanton, M.Ed.

General Description

Given background knowledge on Veteran’s Day and who veterans are, students will be able to give at least two reasons why veterans are so important.


  • Letter home explaining assignment
  • Let Me Introduce My Veteran worksheet
  • Copies of patriotic border sheet for “Wall of Pride”
  • Information about Veteran’s Day
  • Ways to Honor Vets on 11/11 (could include this in letter home)
  • Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood by Valerie Pfundstein
  • The Wall by Eve Bunting (for older students)

Student with attention challenges:
Allow this student to pass out and collect the letters from his or her peers, so that they are able to get up and move around.

Student classified as MoMD (moderate mental disability):
Allow the student to verbally tell the teacher, aide, or a peer what they want in their letter, while that person records what the student has said.

Gifted and Talented Student:
Allow this student to record what a student with lower ability (such as the student classified as MoMD) says and to assist them in writing the letter.

Student with an orthopedic impairment:
For a student who has difficulty with holding/gripping a pencil or difficulty with handwriting, allow them to type out their letter on a computer or use speech to text software if available.

Materials and Documents

Videos and Media

  • Mrs. Scholte reads "The Wall" by Eve Bunting. The students at Bloomingdale Elementary present a veterans day program each year. This story helps in understanding what it means to honor those who have given their lives for our freedom.

  • Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood is an engaging rhyming picture book for readers of all ages that fosters mindfulness of and appreciation for the brave service men and women who are also our family, friends, and neighbors. These are the men and women who bravely served our great country and now humbly serve in our communities.


All aspects of the institute were wonderful.
- Teacher
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