The Constitution

Teacher: Karen O’Shaughnessy

Editor: Rachel M. Stanton, M.Ed.

General Description

By the end of the lesson, students will define the many different parts of our Constitution as evidenced by their poster presentation/rubric; showcasing the definitions and meanings and significance of their particular section.

Optional: Students will also be able to define vocabulary as evidenced by completion of an exit ticket.


Diagnostic Assessment:
Class discussion re: The Constitution and associated vocabulary

Formative Assessment:
Circulate during group work - pose questions to students

Summative Assessment:
Assess posters via rubric and class discussion.

Create an Exit ticket:
Definitions and T/F that assesses students understanding of content.


  • U.S. Constitution
  • Copies of If You Were There When They Wrote the Constitution by Elizabeth Levy
  • Poster paper
  • Drawing/coloring supplies
  • Premade groups
  • Harcourt Textbooks
  • Poster rubrics for group

Materials and Documents

Overall, I want to thank everyone who presented at this workshop. It’s one of the most valuable I’ve attended in my career. It featured content, materials, and ideas that could be used immediately in the classroom.
- Jonathan L’Ecuyer, Pinkerton Academy
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