Worldwide Government

Teacher: Jan Gilman, Kami Douglas & Carol Mortenson

Editor: Caroline Raymond

General Description

Following a lesson about governments around the world, students will label at least ten countries and four types of government on a world map.

Students will practice vocabulary and be able to state the meanings.

Students will name several types of government.

Students will label countries on a world map and differentiate their governments by color.

Students will complete an exit ticket in which they select on type of government and explain what it is.


  • Current Political Map of the World
  • Blank Map of World
  • World Map Image for Projector
  • Rubric for Map
  • Colored Pencils in various colors
  • Pencil or Pen

Students will attempt to fill in the world map on their own, while others will be given more assistance. A key will be provided to students who are struggling to give them the names of countries and the types of government.

Materials and Documents

Extremely non-biased and wonderful information that students can access!
- Teacher, 2019
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