Worldwide Government

Teacher: Jan Gilman, Kami Douglas & Carol Mortenson

Editor: Caroline Raymond

General Description

Following a lesson about governments around the world, students will label at least ten countries and four types of government on a world map.

Students will practice vocabulary and be able to state the meanings.

Students will name several types of government.

Students will label countries on a world map and differentiate their governments by color.

Students will complete an exit ticket in which they select on type of government and explain what it is.


  • Current Political Map of the World
  • Blank Map of World
  • World Map Image for Projector
  • Rubric for Map
  • Colored Pencils in various colors
  • Pencil or Pen

Students will attempt to fill in the world map on their own, while others will be given more assistance. A key will be provided to students who are struggling to give them the names of countries and the types of government.

Materials and Documents

All aspects of the institute were wonderful.
- Teacher
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