Your Vote is Your Voice

Recommended Grade Level: 3, 4, 5

Teacher: Rebecca Valbuena

General Description

The word democracy describes a government by the people, in which citizens exercise their power by voting. In our democracy, citizens have rights that include being able to express our opinions, receive a free education, and practice any religion we choose. U.S. citizens won and protected these rights through voting. Having the right to vote is part of living in a democracy. And exercising that right is a way for citizens to take responsibility for - and take part in - their government. 

The right to vote was not always so common. When the U.S. was a young nation, only white male landowners could vote. The rules for voting slowly changed, but not without great struggles. Prior to this lesson set, students have an understanding of basic events in United States history leading to the signing of the Constitution. They know the fundamental principles of the Constitution and how it has changed over time.

Materials and Documents

A large portion of my day is spent on video calls helping parents to teach their kids the right material. Because of all that I’m constantly looking for great online resources to share with the parents of the kids I work with and I came across your NH Civics page while looking up social studies resources. It’s been a great help and had a lot of great sites I could send the kids and their parents to for some extra material to work with. Just thought I should reach out and thank you for putting it all together!
- Thomas Johnson
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