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NH Civics works to ensure every student in New Hampshire receives a quality and engaging civic education and graduates from high school well prepared and enthusiastic for citizenship.


With your support, that vision is within our reach. Today, more than 4,400 teachers in New Hampshire can utilize NH Civics' innovative and free online resources and trainings. In 2019 we trained 249 educators, reached 1,790 NH students through NH's Kid Governor and Civics 603.  NH Civics hosted 32 days of programming for teachers, students, and the general public.  Next year we will reach more through You Be The Judge and Mikva Challenge.


We rely entirely on philanthropy to keep those resources free and relevant. Your tax-deductible donation will help us further our reach and deepen our impact on student engagement in civic life.

Our programs in action!

Friendly and welcoming with great ideas to share and implement in our classrooms.
- Teacher, 2019
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Please contact us with any questions you may have about any of our programs or would like additional information.

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