Authentic Engagement: Community Connections in Legal Education

Max Registrations: 475

Kate Sintros will present on teaching racial justice in a predominantly white state like NH. She will share her practices of utilizing mock trial as well as Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy in her civics and law classes. Attorney Seth Aframe will describe how he has supported Kate’s instruction. 

Aaron Blais will present on how he teaches law using a project-based-learning approach incorporating the Innocence Project and a sentencing activity, You Be the Judge, with Judge Will Delker. He wants teachers to know that fruitful connections between the community and the classroom are plentiful and accessible no matter where you teach in NH, even or especially in the age of remote learning.


Aaron Blais’ Ted-Ed talk


Consider the following questions and come to the live webinar with some thoughts about the following questions:

  1. What is the one competency your students absolutely need to master as a result of your course?
  2. What do your students already know or think they know about this important competency or concept?
  3. What are the 3 biggest obstacles to them mastering this competency?
  4. What are the 3 biggest resources you or your community have to teach them this important competency?
  5. If you could get anyone, living or dead, to teach this important competency to your students, who would it be?


With full participation (preparation, participation in webinar, submitting a lesson or unit to NH Civics inspired by this learning opportunity by June 1, 2021) teachers will receive 6 hours of PD credit and a $75 stipend.
Max Registrations: 475
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Authentic Engagement: Community Connections in Legal Education

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This workshop was fabulous. I really needed ways to incorporate social studies into what I already do (Language Arts). I feel I accomplished this here. The presenters were awesome.
- Teacher, 2018
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