Teaching Democracy: Civic Friendship and Civics in Literacy: K-3

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Wednesday, October 6th, via Zoom from 4-6 pm EST.

2 Professional Development Hours Available 


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Maggie Demarse, Dr. Anne-Lise Halvorsen, and Dr. Jane Lo of Michigan State University provide research-based and field-tested practical tools for elementary educators to integrate civics concepts and practices into the existing curriculum in K-3. Discover how to weave beginning civic concepts such as community, compromise, diversity, justice, and civic friendship into literacy activities and classroom management/community-building practices in ways that are engaging and meaningful to children. 

2 Professional Development Hours Available (with 8 hours and $75 stipend offered for full participation ---pre-reading if assigned, participation in webinar, follow up lesson tested in your classroom and submitted to NH Civics by May 1, 2022.)

*Event Photo (image on right) by Liliana Drew from Pexels

Presenter Bios

Maggie Demarse

Image of Maggie Demarse

Maggie Demarse is a Ph.D Student in the CITE program at Michigan State University. Her research focuses on interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning (PBL), specifically in elementary science and social studies education. She is curious to learn more about the relationship between student achievement and student voice & choice in PBL projects, especially in regards to marginalized students. Currently, she teaches undergraduate courses in social studies methods. Prior to working with pre-service teachers, she was an elementary and middle school science and ELA teacher in Dayton, Ohio. 


Dr. Anne-Lise Halvorsen

Image of Anne-Lise Halvorsen

Dr. Anne-Lise Halvorsen is an associate professor of teacher education specializing in social studies education. Her scholarship includes research on the history of education, social studies teaching and learning in urban contexts, the integration of social studies and other subject areas, teacher preparation in social studies, and curriculum policy. Her current work focuses on the history of elementary social studies education, project-based learning, lesson study, and historical thinking.

Dr. Jane C. Lo

Image of Jane C Lo

Dr. Jane C. Lo is an assistant professor of teacher education at Michigan State University. Her research focuses on civic education broadly. Specifically, she is interested in the political engagement of youth, social studies curriculum development and the inequalities that exist within traditional civic education. Her methodological expertise includes mixed-methods designs and design-based implementation research. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in social studies methods. Her most recent work can be found in Multiple Perspectives and Democracy & Education. Prior to becoming a teacher educator, she taught government, economics and Chinese in Austin, Texas.

Contact: Amanda Pawlik - amanda.pawlik@nhcivics.org

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Teaching Democracy: Civic Friendship and Civics in Literacy: K-3

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I am very excited to use 'We the Civics Kids" curriculum and use many ideas from the Rendell Center. My other favorite presentation was Rebecca Valbuena - so many of her ideas are related to what I can implement in my classroom.
- Teacher
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