2022 Project Soapbox NH Showcase Mainstage

Throughout the fall and winter, middle and high school students across New Hampshire have been crafting their best Soapbox speeches about issues important to them and their communities. 

We encourage you to watch and engage with these powerful videos, and share your support in the comments! 

Project Soapbox is a public speaking opportunity 

that calls on young people to develop and deliver 

an original speech on an issue that matters to 

them. Students’ speeches answer the question: 

“What is the biggest issue facing your 

community, and what should be done about it?”

Contact: Amanda Pawlik - amanda.pawlik@nhcivics.org

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2022 Project Soapbox NH Showcase Mainstage

Our programs in action!

A large portion of my day is spent on video calls helping parents to teach their kids the right material. Because of all that I’m constantly looking for great online resources to share with the parents of the kids I work with and I came across your NH Civics page while looking up social studies resources. It’s been a great help and had a lot of great sites I could send the kids and their parents to for some extra material to work with. Just thought I should reach out and thank you for putting it all together!
- Thomas Johnson
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