Constitutional History and Responsibility

Recommended Grade Level: 5

Teacher: Gail MacGuire

Editor: Rachel M. Stanton M. Ed.

General Description

Students will be able to generate a list of positive attributes learned from our forefathers and their commitment to democracy and connect those to positive/effective citizenship.

Students will use historical examples to support their ideas.

Essential Understandings:
Students will understand the struggles and sacrifices their forefathers endured to develop the guidelines which later became the constitution, which guides our nation today. They will develop ownership for paying forward the responsibility of citizenship not only on Constitution Day by everyday.


  • Formative Assessment: group discussions will indicate students’ knowledge and comprehension of content and transfer
  • Summative Assessment: students will create a poster or writing piece that demonstrates the connection between citizenship and commitment to democracy by citing examples from historical context (persons, group, event, etc.)


  • Shhh...We’re Writing the Constitution by Jean Fritz
  • The Story of the Constitution by Marilyn Prolman
  • Constitution Rap - Smart Songs
  • Constitution of the United States
  • Schoolhouse Rock - The Preamble
  • Poster of U.S. Constitution
  • Poster of Preamble
  • Preamble Meaning Sheet
  • Pictures of above important political leaders highlighting their important roles
  • Students journals/paper
  • Writing implements
  • Chart paper/markers/white board

Materials and Documents

Videos and Media

  • Rap songs about the Constitution

  • Reading of Shhh! We're Writing the Constitution by Jean Fritz
  • This video explains the U.S. Constitution of 1787 and the later Bill of Rights. Why did we need to create these documents? What do they do? Where do checks and balances come in?
  • A song about the Constitution of the United States of America with a focus on its opening statement of principles, the Preamble.
Overall, I want to thank everyone who presented at this workshop. It’s one of the most valuable I’ve attended in my career. It featured content, materials, and ideas that could be used immediately in the classroom.
- Jonathan L’Ecuyer, Pinkerton Academy
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