A Fourth Branch of Government

Recommended Grade Level: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Teacher: Marie Gagnon, Belmont Middle School

General Description

Lesson Goal(s):
Critically evaluate the purpose of the structure of government.

Essential Question(s):
Does the government need more than three branches?

Lesson Plan:
  • Students should already be familiar with the structure of the government as defined by the federal constitution.
  • Distribute to students the instructions for the task and review the assignment and expectations with the students.
  • Complete a graphic organizer with the students on each branch of government if you feel it would be helpful to students when thinking about what the government currently does and weigh that against what they feel the government should also do.
  • Students and opportunity to get together in small groups and discuss what they see as important needs of society today and ways in which the government could better address these needs.
  • Share out small group discussion - chart on the board student ideas & thinking to help provide inspiration for
  • Distribute the essay outline to students and provide in-class work time to complete the outline.
  • Use this time to circulate through the classroom and conference with students on their work, helping students generated ideas as necessary. 

Students will write an essay proposing a fourth branch of government.  Instructions for students, sample outline, and sample of student work product are included below in other materials. 

Materials and Documents

I am ready to go back and teach my students about voting and the court system! Everything was GREAT!
- Teacher, 2016
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